The Dark Cloud 
     As unusual as it sounds. Sadness is truly a blessing.
Unfortunately, we always mistake depression for sadness, or vice versa. We cease to understand the great difference between the two. Most of the time, we take the emotion of sadness for granted. What's it good for anyway, making you sad & unhappy?
Actually, when you're going through a hard time, you'd normally experience grief or sadness. It's what makes us appreciate the state of happiness & wellbeing that we once felt, as sadness works hand in hand with happiness. Just as necessary as love, anger or any other emotion to us. Sadness is important as well & should be experienced just as deeply. When one is expected to be sad but they can't be, it's when the void overcomes & that's when we should be worried.

     This is merely a glimpse of what depression feels like especially when mistaken for normal sadness, although it can be hard to portray depression precisely through any medium. However, this voice could resemble society, family or even the voice in your head.
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